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Martsam Tour & Travel Birdwatching Day Tours


Martsam Tour & Travel Birdwatching Day Tours

San Pedro El Alto, Antigua

If your family loves nature, animals, and birds, don’t miss the chance to spot some rare feathered friends with the help of a local guide. You can spend an hour or two or a half- or full day birding with guides Aaron and Lester de Leon and spy dozens of species that may be new to you, and ones you probably would have missed on your own.

With their eagle eyes and fine-tuned ears, the birdwatching brothers have got your back, bird-wise, identifying and handing over the spotting scope for you to see the emerald toucanet, the azure crowned hummingbird, or maybe even the gorgeous and elusive quetzals, the national bird of Guatemala. Think of it as a value-added hike, one your family will never forget.