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Located about an hour outside of Oaxaca City, Mitla is an archeological site that is very different from Monte Alban and considered the second most important archeological site in Oaxaca compared to Monte Alban. Mitla, which means “place of the dead,” was considered more of a religious center and is said to have been inhabited between 100 and 850AD. Several tombs can be found in Mitla and visitors can climb down into two of them. It’s tight quarters underground and the line can be long on a busy day. The intricate geometric designs and mosaics created in the stone structures are what make Mitla so unique. The stones are finely cut, polished and pieced together perfectly without the use of mortar. Visitors are welcome to climb the steep stone stairs (which can be challenging, but are less of a challenge compared to Monte Alban’s structures), which were likely once homes or palaces.

A church also sits on the complex and is worth visiting. Restrooms can be found at the entrance and a small market area, selling souvenirs, is situated at the entrance as well.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday

30 pesos (less than $2 USD) per person
There is a free parking lot available. However, a taxi or tour guide group is the best option for visiting.