Family Activities:

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge


Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge

Chatham, MA 02633, MA

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is one of 550 wildlife preservation sites in the United States, and one of only eight in eastern Massachusetts. A visit here is an excellent way for families to get back in touch with nature’s profound beauty.

Plenty of relaxed hiking trails make this place an excellent spot for families who are looking to add a little more action to their vacation without going overboard. The land is very rich and offers visitors the opportunity to see many different animals including a variety of fish, horseshoe crabs, many species of birds and more.

Also, a sharp increase in the general seal population in Monomoy has attracted the attention of many of the area’s great white sharks! Stick around long enough and you may get a firsthand look at one of nature’s most extraordinary predators.