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Museum of Anthropology


Museum of Anthropology

6393 North West Marine Dr. , Vancouver, V6T 1Z2

Another section of Stanley Park is devoted to totem poles depicting common northwestern motifs of whales, salmon, and bear. It will whet your appetite for the magnificent totems found at the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology. Enter the concrete and glass building, designed to resemble a First Nations longhouse, and you’ll be treated to massive totems in the Great Hall. Haida, Coast Salish, and Nisga’a Tribes carved their figures into large cedar logs, many from the late 19th century when the art form reached its peak.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Place to visit

by Paul A

This is a well laid out museum with a very good selection of totem poles. There is a lot to see so you can end up spending many hours here.
Stunning First Nations Art

by Katalinka117

Beautiful totems, statues and other art pieces created especially by First Nations. I personally would have made separate rooms with artifacts related to the North American First Nations´ art and the...