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The Mutter Museum


The Mutter Museum

19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, 19103, PA

Let us preface this description by saying if you’re squeamish, we don’t recommend coming here. We also only recommend this museum for older kids (if for children at all).

This museum, while containing a bunch of really cool and weird things, shouldn’t be regarded as your typical freak show type of establishment.

Rather, it is a museum of medical history and anatomical anomalies. Within the museum’s walls, located at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, you’ll find two-headed human bodies, preserved fetuses and an assortment of different — and unique — skeletons. You’ll also find preserved limbs with gangrene, and a dried and intact skeleton with veins, arteries and skin.

This museum is less for people looking for cheap thrills and shock value humor, and more for people genuinely curious about the beauty and complex mysteries of the human body. It is fascinating, to say the least.