Family Activities:

No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum


No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum

9 Dock Street, Lansford, 18232, PA

A trip to the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum will give your family a new understanding of and appreciation for the valuable resource that was essential to the construction of America.

The mine itself opened in 1855, closed in 1972, and re-opened in 2002 as a cultural museum. Guests are invited to take a small train ride 160 feet into the mountain, where they’re then led on a foot tour through this wonderful piece of living history.

The tour winds through every facet of the mine, and guests learn about everything from the “wash shanty” (where the up to 450 miners washed their clothes and bathed), to the original 900-foot deep elevator shaft along which thousands of tons of coal passed. Guests are shown original miners’ tools, including shovels, saws, blasting equipment, lamps, picks and more.

The museum houses several exhibits, including a model of a coal colliery, a coal-fired furnace, a collection of precious photographs, hand carved coal items and railroad artifacts.

At the very least, your family will leave with a newfound appreciation for you job and household chores!