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Old Atwood House Museum


Old Atwood House Museum

347 Stage Harbor Rd., Chatham, 02633, MA

The Old Atwood House is an excellent historic museum dedicated to everything Chatham; art, culture, history — it’s all here. The building was constructed in the 1750’s and was acquired in 1923 by The Chatham Historical Society, who made the preservation of local history an essential priority.

Though it has been changed to accommodate modern electricity, everything about The Old Atwood House remains the same as it did when it was first constructed, furnishings included.

Visitors to the museum are delighted by its eight galleries of expansive Chatham social and cultural history, including period-correct rooms that display furniture, paintings and photographs. There is also a collection of beautiful fine china and glass from different time periods. In total, there are over 3,000 objects in the museum, and most are related to Chatham. In the archives, visitors will also find over 1,600 books, 2,500 photographs and thousands upon thousands of historically relevant documents to Chatham and its rich history.

Throughout the grounds, visitors will also find mid-20th century beach camp displays, a Wampanoag mishoon (canoe), the Chatham School Bells display and the Chatham Light Display, which features items from Chatham’s historic lighthouse.

The Old Atwood House Museum is an interesting and educational family attraction that will please most — from inquisitive children to full-blown history buffs!