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Philipsburg Boardwalk


Philipsburg Boardwalk

Front Street and Back Street, Philipsburg

The Boardwalk at Philipsburg, located on the Dutch side, offers something for the entire family. Front Street has numerous jewelry stores, high-end shops and casinos, while Back Street is for “local” shopping and is where visitors will find a local marketplace filled with Caribbean dresses, hats, bags, souvenirs and many other items.

Cobblestone streets are small on Front and Back streets, but the sidewalks offer plenty of walking and stroller space. The wide boardwalk or promenade walking area offers gorgeous views of the ocean and mountains. A large beach also runs the length of the boardwalk, where families can play or relax on a lounge chair under an umbrella.

When cruise ships are in port, the Philipsburg Boardwalk can have larger crowds in town and during St. Maarten’s Labor Day holiday April 30 and May 1, many of the shops may be closed (unless cruise ships are in port, then they will likely open).

Visitors can eat at any of the number of restaurants and bars situated along the boardwalk. Families will kid-friendly restaurants, local food, ice cream and even a McDonald’s.