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Quay Street


Quay Street

Galway City Centre, Galway, Galway

Quay (pronounced “key”) Street is the center of Galway City. It is mostly a pedestrian area and it’s more than one “street” — it’s more of a large city center. Families can stroll the colorful area that is lined on both sides with numerous restaurants, shops, and jewelry stores (specifically Claddagh jewelry). A few street vendors and performers also fill the busy tourist area.

Things to Know/Bring

Some of the streets are cobblestone and narrow so be mindful if you plan to bring a stroller.


A large variety of restaurants, both traditional Irish and International, fill Quay Street.


Street parking surrounds the area and there are a few parking garages in the area. But we suggest taking a taxi or walking into the city center as the streets are very narrow and it can get congested at times.

Family Restaurants Near Quay Street