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Relaxing at the Eco-Resorts


Relaxing at the Eco-Resorts

265 Foch and 6 de Diciembre, Sonelsa Building 6th Floor, Yasuni National Park

Many of the lodgings like the Huaorani Ecolodge offer swimming in the shallow waters right in front of the property. It’s a little unnerving at first, half-expecting a caiman or python to swim by your side,even though the guides tell you that there are no reptiles in these parts. But then you go for a quick dip in the refreshing waters to wash off the day’s sweat and life is good. Let the kids splash around while you lie on a hammock in front of your cabin and you might very well spot some of the most glamorous birdlife on the trip, like the vibrant paradise tanager, with its splashes of bright blue, red, and yellow feathers. Best for ages 8-18.

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