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Rhino Rally


Rhino Rally

3000 East Busch Blvd.,, Tampa, 33612, FL

This safari experience that made a big splash when it opened at the park in 2001 puts you high up in an expedition style Land Rover for an off-road ride through habitats home to elephants and rhinos. You’ll find Rhino Rally on the path between Nairobi and Timbuktu. And while the water crossing is no longer part of the ride, there’s a stretch through the Serengeti Plain where you might come across antelopes and zebras, too.

The ride only lasts about ten minutes — short enough to keep young riders captive (three years old is the minimum) but long enough to see some game. And there’s a bit of a storyline, too — that you’re all off in search of a lost safari driver (count on cheesy jokes and lots of theater). Some park goers think Rhino Rally lost its luster when the water section was cut (the area where it was has been taken over by Cheetah Run), but it’s not everyday you find yourself riding alongside rhinos and elephants, now is it?