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Seaside, Oregon Beach and Promenade


Seaside, Oregon Beach and Promenade

Seaside, OR

The beach is why you plan a family vacation to the Oregon coast. And Seaside gives you nearly 3 miles of wide, sandy beach to explore from one end of town to the other. With over 200 yards of sand from the edge of town to the ocean surf, you will find plenty of space for your family to spread out and have fun, even at the height of tourist season. Kids will love flying a kite, digging for clams, searching for shells, and building sandcastles. Parents will love that you can do all of this right outside your hotel room, not far from food and facilities.

One of the most unique aspects of Seaside is the nearly 2-mile long concrete promenade that borders the beach. The flat surface is perfect for bikes, roller blades, and strollers. All along its length, you’ll find stores, restaurants, and hotels. Oh, and rental shops for the bikes, roller blades, and strollers that you didn’t bring from home! The promenade is popular, and can get a bit crowded in the middle of town, but you won’t find a more friendly mix of tourists and locals. When you get tired of the stream of people, just step off onto the beach to find a quiet spot for your family.

The beach is also a great place for year-round whale watching. In the morning, you’ll see people with binoculars lined up along the promenade, trying to spot gray whales. Kids will love trying to catch a few smaller creatures, and maybe even dinner, by digging for razor clams. They are found in abundance along the beaches here, and all you need is a narrow shovel and a bit of muscle. Anyone over the age of 13 will also need a license to go clam digging, but you can pick one up in many stores along the beach for just $7.

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