Family Activities:

Sesame Street Safari of Fun


Sesame Street Safari of Fun

3000 East Busch Blvd.,, Tampa, 33612, FL

Parents of little kids probably won’t stray far from this happy world full of tame rides and character encounters with Big Bird, Elmo et all that caters to kids between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. Air Grover is a good beginner’s roller coaster — kids have to be at least 38-inches tall and an adult can ride along.

Elmo’s Safari-Go-Round is a merry-go-round with African animal inspiration. There’s a water play area with dumping buckets and bubbling geysers, a three-story net climb, a mini-flume ride and a kiddie version of a ferris wheel here, too. If you have older kids in the nine or ten year old range in your group, direct them to Air Grover for thrills cool enough for them, too. There’s hardly ever a line here, so they can ride over and over while their younger siblings are making loops on the merry go round or posing with Big Bird for a photo.