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1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, V6E 3S7

Connecting downtown Vancouver to the nearby cities of Surrey, New Westminster and Burnaby, as well as to the airport and city of Richmond, the SkyTrain is the world’s longest, automated driverless light rapid transit systems. Use it to get around Vancouver, or just take in the views of the city.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Ski bags and no cash - no worries.

by Chris W

Very easy transfer to the airport from downtown. We had tonnes of luggage but easy access lifts available. Also big luggage and bike areas on each train so no problem with big ski bags etc.…
Getting to Vancouver airport

by Stylindee

Sit, relax and get taken right into Vancouver airport for under 20 bucks. There is nothing that beats this. Always on time, efficient and easy to navigate. If your not sure there are plenty of…