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Su Nuraxi Barumini


Su Nuraxi Barumini

Localita Su Nuraxi SNC, Barumini

If ancient ruins are your thing, then the Su Nuraxi archaeological zone in the heart of the Sardinia countryside has you covered! This glorious area consists of an impressive complex nuraghi edifice (the outstanding dominant feature of Sardinia) — built in 15th century BC — and a village of huts developed all around during the centuries that followed.

This impressive UNESCO site will likely be one of the oldest developed structures you will ever see and step foot inside. For an extra special time in the nuraghi, book a night tour by appointment, only for 13 Euro per person.


9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily


11 Euro for adults, 8.50 Euro ages 13 to 17, 7 Euro for kids 7 to 12