Family Activities:

Sun Hunters


Sun Hunters

Dr. Grooms Rd., Point Saline, Saint George Parish

Sun Hunters offers one of the most thrilling adventures on Grenada. For teenagers, as the minimum age requirement is 16, if time and budget allows, this is a must for a little adventure and one of the most stunning island tours available. Sun Hunters offers numerous tours around the island in Polaris Utility Recreational Vehicles. This is off road at it’s best-island style.

There are a variety of tours to choose from, all with incredible views, drives by marinas, forest, agriculture, waterfalls and so much more. There are pit stops along the way to refresh and refuel. Sun Hunters has been operating in Grenada since the 1960s. The family patriarch started the second rental car location on the island; this family knows their vehicles. Families of age who choose this adventure will feel extremely safe and astounded by the amount of landscape you cover in a ride.