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Tillamook Head Hike


Tillamook Head Hike

Indian Beach Trailhead, Seaside, OR

One of the most scenic trails in the area, this is a long hike, and not for young children. Tweens and teens who are good hikers will love the variety of the passing landscape. The trailhead begins in a small parking lot at the south edge of Seaside. It’s easy to find — just follow Edgewood Street until you can’t drive any further.

From there, the trail winds through a lush, otherworldly forest, past towering hemlock and spruce trees, and a carpet of ferns that will keep you firmly on the path. The trail features mild climbs and drops, nothing too strenuous but challenging enough that younger kids might tire easily. Once you clear the moss-covered trees and reach the craggy cliffs, you’ll marvel at the stunning ocean views, and of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in the distance.

Kids will love discovering the vintage concrete bunkers, built as a radar installation during WW2, that now sit spookily silent and covered with moss. For an even older history lesson, let your kids know that the Lewis and Clark expedition, including Sacajawea, crossed this very piece of land to buy 300 pounds of whale blubber from Tillamook Indians.

The ultimate destination of your hike is Indian Beach, at just over 5 miles from the trailhead, where you’ll find bathroom and picnic facilities. If you can, we highly recommend shuttling from the Indian Beach parking lot back to your car at the trailhead in Seaside. That leaves you more time to enjoy the trail and the beach. Otherwise, allow yourself the whole day to hike and explore.