Family Activities:

Vinh Moc Tunnel


During the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam, thousands of civilians lived under ground in these tunnels for days, sometimes weeks at a time. It’s an amazing look at the “American War” from a civilian perspective. Other tunnels allowed Viet Cong guerillas escape routes from combat and ambushes.

It’s important to emphasize that these tunnels are dark, narrow and cramped, so anyone that suffers from claustrophia will be uncomfortable. This is NOT like a show cave tour in parts of the U.S. You’ll spend about 30 minutes underground, but many of those who’ve done this tour say it’s significant to understanding the war.

For those in your family who may prefer to stay above ground, the area includes nice walking trails and other sites of interest, as well as a number of vendors selling soft drinks, fresh pineapple and other treats.


7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Age or Height Restrictions

There are no specific restrictions, but little ones will need some help on the uneven steps climbing down in and back out of the tunnels.

Things to Know/Bring

Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes with a good rubber sole. The rocks are uneven and may be slippery from underground moisture. Bringing a small flashlight or using your phone flashlight will make the experience less challenging. This is a nice day trip from Hue.