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Wildlife Interpretation Centre


Wildlife Interpretation Centre

Hwy. 1 | Lake Louise exit, , Lake Louise

Grizzlies are a big part of this National Park, and the Trail of the Great Bear guided walk is available through the Lake Louise Wildlife Interpretation Centre. Although small, the Centre offers nature talks and has interesting exhibits about the park’s animals. Wolves, for example, use their jagged, sharp incisors to scrape meat from bones while dear grind leaves with their molars. And the naturalists reassure us that Banff National Park, a vast area, has a relatively small number of bears for so much territory. Chances are the only bears seen are the stuffed teddies for sale in the gift shop.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Great View but nothing to do up top

by Patrick B

Great view but doesn't go to the top of the mountain and there is no food or shelter at the top of the lift, just a lookout area for photos.
Great little trip.

by hassmaster

We had literally run out of things to do on our trip and already had been up the Jasper and Banff gondola so decided to do this aswell. It was great. We went to the…