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Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour


Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour

Apdo 322-5000 Liberia,, Province of Guanacaste

Once you convince yourself that you really won’t crash to the rainforest floor, zip line tours are fun. On the Witch’s Rock Canopy tour, attendants clipped us into harnesses that were hooked to a cable, strung between platforms that were perched high above the ground. When ready, you take a step off the platform to glide — monkey-like — through the forest. At first, we hesitantly inched off the platforms; some were 20-feet high. My daughter acclimated quickly, crossing rope bridges and scampering up towering trunks to fly across ravines 75 feet below. She whooped with joy as she zipped through the treetops. Eventually, I relaxed enough to enjoy the last jump. And yes, I would do it again. While best for older kids, guides can go along with young kids.

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