Ashley Staab

Ashley Staab is based in a suburb north of Boston and though she's had a love of travel her whole life, is new to the travel writing scene. She spent her early career in hospitality and then recruitment, but after raising her two young kids for the last five years has given in to her true entrepreneurial spirit and launched a kids’ hat company, Scrappy Hats. Her daughter is named Sydney after Sydney, Australia, the magical place where she met her now husband. She loves to immerse herself in the culture (with a big emphasis on food and drink) when she travels, whether it's with friends, or when traveling with the whole family.

Family eating pasta

Tips for Traveling with a Kid Who Has Food Allergies

by Ashley Staab

Traveling with children is challenging. Adding in the element of food allergies can take parental anxieties to the next level. As a mom of a…

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