Best Vacations for a Family of 4

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Have a family of 4? Your vacation options are endless. (Have a family of 5 or more? Your options are endless, too!). Families of 4 might enjoy more pricing incentives, though, as many hotels and resorts still recognize families as two adults and two children. These are our favorite vacations for families of 4.

Family of Four at Amusement Park

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks make great vacations for families of 4 — mainly because of the rides! Each parent can sit with a child so everyone can ride together at once. Or, you can easily take advantage of rider swap programs at amusement and theme parks such as Six Flags and Disney World; typically, one parent rides with the child (or children) while the other parent waits with children who may not be tall enough to ride the attraction (or just aren’t interested). Check out the Best New Rides and Roller Coasters for 2018 to get inspired for your next amusement park trip.

All-Inclusive and Traditional Resorts

Hotel and resort vacations are great for families of 4, as they can easily be accommodated in a standard guestroom with two queen beds. And, while many hotel room rates are based on double occupancy (two adults), many budget hotel chains offer kids-stay-and-eat-free programs for up to two children. Many hotel packages and deals are geared toward families of 4 too. (We wish there were more packages for families of 5, but that’s another story… ). Also, many all-inclusive resorts, such as Dreams and Now, offer promotions that allow up to two children to stay and eat free.

Family of Four on Road Trip

Road Trips

Road trips make great vacations for families of 4 — everyone has enough room to spread out (but you’ll probably still need that SUV). Choose your next adventure with our 8 Best Family Road Trips.


Cruises are a great vacation option for families of all sizes, particularly families of 4. A family of four has the option to squeeze into a smaller cabin to save money, or splurge on a suite to spread out. Of course, all of the activities onboard, as well as the shore excursions, are the highlight of a cruise vacation. Check out the 5 Best Cruise Lines for Families to decide which one is right for your family.

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