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125 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, TX

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Just a horrible experience
by rhale
I have to say this hotel was a huge disappointment.

1st I was called the reservation number. I get connected to a lady that informs me that this hotel has Sleep Number beds and free guest parking. Both were flat out lies.

This hotel charges you 27 a night for ... more parking and they have no sleep number beds. While a sleep number bed is not a big deal for most people it is for those of us that have managed to hurt our backs. (Sleep number allows you to adjust how firm or soft the bed is.)

So right off I show up for my reservation and I get told no we charge our guests for parking and we have no sleep number beds. I explain to the Front desk what I was told and they tell us sorry nothing we can do about that our reservation hot line was mistaken. I complained a bit and the gentleman at the counter told me he would lower the parking rate from 27 a night to 15 a night. Yes a whopping 12 a night when I was paying close to 200 a night for the stay to begin with. At this point I was very very tired from a long day of flights to get to the location to begin with. So my wife and I decide we will just stay instead of searching for another more accomodating hotel.

As a business owner in the IT realm I must stay connected to the internet. We get up to our room and unpack and I pull out the laptop and try to connect up. This is 2013 folks.. The day and age for a hotel to charge you for internet should be long dead.

Believe it or not this hotel charges 15 a night for internet access. Ummm what what? I figure this is a mistake so I call the front desk and sure enough they tell me sorry we charge for internet. The employee even states Im not sure why but they still charge for it.

Thankfully I am prepared and I always have my wireless hotspot with me so I fire it up instead. Again just another let down.

While Im on the laptop my wife turns on the TV. These are 32 inch Flat screens that look like they were new about 8 years agoe. They have the wide bezel. She tells me you should sit on this couch. I said oh why? The thing was super hard and uncomfortable. We were staying in a King Suite. This couch belonged in a Motel 6. Anyway my wife selects a TBS and she proceeds to watch it have digital issues. Right off I think oh we have a HD channel hooked to a old tv that cant handle it great. Another notch down.

Well she gave up on the TV and jumped into the shower since we had been flying all day. The shower door would not align correctly so it proceeded to leak all over the tile. I toss a couple towels on the floor and go back to my laptop.

We just deal with it as we dont want to let the hotel ruin our trip.

At the end I go to check out and they had not adjusted the parking rate. I speak with the hotel director and he proceeds to tell me that the front desk person never put a note in it. I said well he said he would adjust it. The guy grills me for 15 minutes about how great his employee is about putting notes down and how I must be mistaken. After 30 minutes of arguing with the guy I finally said you know what its not that I care about the 12 dollar difference per night its the fact that I feel I have been lied to about this place from the start.

No sleep number bed
No complimentary parking for guests
No complimentary Internet
Leaking Shower
TVs old enough to not display correctly

The only good thing I have to say about this hotel was the breakfast was decent.

I would highly recommend anyone wishing to stay at this place to rethink it and go to another hotel. This hotel was a huge disappointment and I would hate for it to taint another persons vacation.

Date of Stay: 03/06/2013
Children in Party: 1

Tweens (13+)
Kids Play Area
Money Value
Pool & Water Fun

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