Our family went to Tampa in June thinking we would have perfect weather considering the claim that there are 360 days of sunshine each year. Well, the first two days of our trip were spectacular. We stayed in downtown Tampa and were able to roam the area, which seemed to be a "typical" downtown like most cities. There was a nice park and playground where the kids loved hanging out, but we were disappointed in the lack of eateries in the downtown vicinity. The two restaurants that we encountered ended up being very good, but we didn't feel compelled to eat at those two for every meal.
We drove to Clearwater one day during our trip, and of course, it rained about 45 minutes into our visit. Unfortunately, we didn't get much use out of our chairs and umbrella that we paid $25 for. It was a very beautiful beach, but we weren't able to enjoy it for a very long period of time. Another attraction we visited is the Tampa Zoo. We really enjoyed our trip to the zoo when we didn't get hammered by the rain. It was full of interesting animals. The aviary was a little frightening to me, as the birds flew wildly by barely missing your body. One day while my husband was at a meeting, the kids and I decided to walk to the Aquarium downtown. We were a little disappointed in the attractions at this place. The layout was interesting in that you begin in the pond/lake area and end up in the fresh water area, which is a story in itself, but there wasn't a lot of fascinating animals to see at the aquarium. I don't think that I would plan another trip back to Tampa, but at least we can say that we have been there.