Beach Haven Crest, on Long Beach Island, NJ is a Great Family Friendly Destination

We have stayed in Beach Haven Crest on LBI, NJ for the past 53 years, I am 3rd generation coming, and my great nieces and nephews are 4th generation. We have found that the Beach Haven Crest area of the Island is great for all ages from babies to seniors. We love the fact that it is a slower paced part of the island, which makes it a safe walking, biking, stroller friendly spot. In our 10 block radius we have a surf shop with daily lessons, bike rentals and skate shop, Kubel's Too Restaurant and Liquor Store, Joey's Pizza, Pinzamino's Italian Restaurant, Garden State Gas Station, Pinky's Shrimp Take Out Seafood, Pottery Shop, Dune's Fresh Produce Market and Deli, Skipper Dipper Ice Cream Shop, Frank's Theater 4 Plex, Acme Market, and Here's the Scoop Ice Cream.

We Adults love the Bike Rentals, Acme being so close, 3 eateries, and Kubel's Too Happy Hour with Entertaining DJ and bands, cheap drinks and appetizers that are soft on the wallet. The Teens love the Joey's Pizza, Surf Shop, Bike Rentals, Movie Theater, and Ice Cream Shops. The Little ones love to walk to the surf shop for some candy, toys and kites, and when isn't ice cream a hit?

Just a few more blocks down you are at the Policemen Bay Beach with a guard and shallow waters to discover with nets and buckets. Bring your beach badge badges, and gear and let the little ones loose on a great fish tank of explorations. We have caught, needle nose eels 5 inches long, fluke 4 inches long, snails, hermits, crabs, spider crabs, and many different types of minnows. It is as much fun to catch the critters as it is to see the little ones faces that have caught them, I highly recommend taking the time to check it out!

We stay at Beach House Retreats, 113 East 85 th Street, Beach Haven Crest, NJ 08008, 609-607-9938. The house slept 16 and had a huge kitchen, 2 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry room, and huge rooftop deck, great backyard with grill, 2 tables, and large bench seating surrounding a fire pit, with outside shower. The house was beautiful, the ocean views were breath taking, and being 3rd from the beach made it a snap to get kids/seniors up to the bathroom. The beach is a guarded swimmers and surfing beach so after the kids took lessons they can surf with a guard watching them, what a relief having their extra eyes on them!

I like the fact the kids can get out on their own by foot and bike to a few spots close by without having to go into Beach Haven with all the traffic and crowds. We felt more secure knowing there was plenty to keep them happy and entertained right here. We loved being able to park the cars and bike to the store for food, movies, dinner, or ice cream. When taking our walks the streets weren't as congested as Beach Haven, and the traffic isn't as fast as it is down in Loveladies area, where crossing the streets is tricky.

We love the month of June to do the shore. The weather is already in the high 80's the past 5 years, and the water is between 68- 75 depending on the wind direction, and gulf streams presence. The rental prices are cheaper and the house selection is wide open. I have noticed that the last weeks of school has been a complete time of fluff, no learning, just movies, and assemblies of ways to entertain the kids until the last day. We have opted to vacation a few times. Long weekends are a easy also during this time if you don't want to miss the week of school.

We have gone to many activities on Long Beach Island that were free run by different municipalities which include: bike safety demos with prizes, concerts of great Rock/Reggae/Buffet bands, barbershop choirs, big band concerts, Environmental Demos, Flea Markets, Craft Shows, and more.

Long Beach Island is a quick ride from the NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. We come through the Pines on Rt. 539 and is a nice quiet ride and usually without much traffic.

We love LBI, it is a much slower paced family oriented resort. The police are always visible to assure your safety, they also give free ice cream coupons when they catch kids obeying laws, (bike helmets, riding with traffic, crossing at street lights). I think that is a great way for kids to see that Police are their friends and are here if they need them while on vacation. I love the many different restaurants and price points that everyone can find a place that fits their budget. There is a great Play house called "Surflight Theater" that brings down the house every night with entertaining plays, concerts, and comedy, along with weekly children's play. We like the Showplace Ice Cream Parlor next door that has a singing staff that also is amusing for all ages. If you aren't tired out from the beach by now or the weather is a little off, go to the Water Park at Fantasy Island Amusements to run the kids wild, it is perfect for all ages, between the Lazy Rives, Fast Slides, Baby Wading Park, and the Mini Golf, Arcade, and Amusement Rides next door. If you are able to drop kids to do water park, enjoy shopping and eating over at Bay Village where you can find some great buys, and food. Don't forget the Fudge, Bakery and the awesome Pizza there.

So if you are looking for a great place to go with all ages for some good clean fun in the sun, LBI is the place for families!