We were caught unaware they were under construction when we scheduled our trip. The first morning construction outside our room began at 5am and I mean large equipment construction with backing devices that make you crazy. Must have been enough complaints because it didnt start till 7:30 am the next few days. The hotel pool is closed so you have to shuttle about a mile away to have a pool with outdoor restrooms and beach access. Then you learn the beach umbrellas that are supposed to be complimentary are not, only the ones in front of the hotel with all the major day time construction noise in the back ground are, and I can not emphasis the major noise enough.

So I to the fitness center to swim and relax. Even though the pool is supposed to closed for construction noise from 10 to 10:30 daily that was not the case. Got there at 11:15 and the noise in the pool area was deafening and I had to leave. The rest of the fitness area was satisfactory again about a mile away from the hotel on a shuttle.

The shower facilities were clean but the shower stall I used was very difficult to open after I got in. The restaurant was just ok. The $9 hot dogs by the beach had stale dry buns. You can get around on the shuttles which were prompt and nice, for the most part retirees driving. Only one driver with an attitude who thought he was Mario Andretti whipping us around without any provided seat-belts scaring my wife. The parking area is dimly lit and one evening while walking back to hotel from the parking area my wife was nearly struck by a car. Its a fair hike to the parking area. Something a woman alone at night would not feel comfortable doing given how dimly lit and relatively unsafe it is. Not even sidewalks to use to get back, so you have to walk in the drive.
I would not recommend this to any families or anyone for that matter.

For the money there are certainly better values elsewhere. Very disappointing.