I will start by saying that, although my wife and I are fairly well traveled, this was our first time in Costa Rica and our first "all inclusive" experience. That being said, I am a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools and have had my fair share of years in the service industry (take that for what you will). I will quote my wife to properly portray our experience at the RIU Palace, Guanacaste....." The only time we ever heard the word NO from the staff was when it was followed by the word PROBLEM!!" This is not an exaggeration!

We had everything we could possibly want!! The amount of available choices when it came to food and drink was incredible. Though the service wasn't what you might find at say the French Laundry, it was certainly acceptable to say the least, with the staff obviously motivated, cheerful and willing to learn their craft! This was such a relief to see after becoming so used to the work ethic in my industry back home.

Some of the restaurants were better than others.....but all in all, very good food and service!! The small Coffee and pastry shop in the lobby area made starbucks look silly!! We do suggest avoiding weekends if possible as it gets rather busy but it should stop you from staying at the RIU!! Just plan your tours on those days.

I have had 20+ years in the service industry and this resort blew us away!! From the house keeping and grounds crew all the way up to up management who were always very visible, approachable and friendly!!