Me and my hubby stayed at this hotel in 1997 and decided to return for another visit. The staff was very nice and helpful, the food can be better it's not much to talk abut. This time I find that it was over crowded with children, who ran around the dining room without supervision, there were lots of native staying there, some were very unfriendly and allowed their kids to run wild, one night it was approximately 1:30am and some kids were playing in the hall way the noise was just too much, we decided that we will not return to this hotel. The staff at the front desk and the staff at the bar in the front lobby were super friendly and helpful. On our very last day, I saw a roach in the bathroom, however the room was very clean. I would recommend this hotel to a family with kids but not for adults, who are looking for relaxation and great food. Thanks to the staff for all their help.