Overall the cost of the trip was low and experience was fine. The Liki Tiki Hotel staff was cordial and accommodating, except they did not give us parking permit and we found out the hard way when we came back from the trip, passing through the Liki Tiki security.

The annoying is the pushiness and sneakiness of the Time Share sales people. However, thanks to previous feedbacks online, I was ready and disconnected both phones in hotel condo, not allowing annoying morning phone calls from sales personnel. I did attend 90-minutes ( really 2-hours!!) Time Share meeting and did not buy. They were very pushy and after I didn't buy, did not show much interest in helping me with Theme Park tickets purchase.

The rooms were cleaned and OK, except for musty old smell of the carpet ( we stayed in the Bldg 800). Also, kids were running loud on stairs up and down at 7 AM on one day. Otherwise, you get the OK accommodations for your price. It's close to attractions ( 5-10 miles), stores and restaurants. I did not use other facilities at the Liki Tiki village. We did not use pools, since it was too cold.

Generally, I can summarize it as OK accommodations for the low price. Kind of medium to low income family vacation. If I gave stars, it would be 2-3 stars hotel.