Stayed one night Jan 29th with wife and 2 kids (3 and 1 years old), used water park 29th and 30th. Also rented cabana for $50/day. First the room we checked into wasn't secure. The sliding glass door out to the parking lot wouldn't lock. That meant carrying all of our belongings to the next room. New room was fine and clean.

The next complaint deals with the poor service from the staff all the way up to the resort manager (Steve). The remodeling they were doing meant that Survivors restaurant wasn't open, as well as the skyway between our room and the water dome was closed. I had to carry a stroller filled with belongings up and down two flights of stairs to get all the stuff to the water dome through the Klondike area (had to do the same when we left). Each employee told me different answers when asked the same questions on how to get there. With the cabana rental, you are supposed to get a private room along with a server to bring you food/drinks. I was told that there would be no service that day. When I called to complain the next day, Steve told me I was wrong and that there was a phone there to call. I told Steve that his two employees told me that there would be no service and that I'd have to get my food and drinks myself.

WATCH OUT FOR THE 20% THEY ADD TO YOUR FOOD/DRINK PURCHASES. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BUY FOOD THERE, PAY CASH ALWAYS!! Extremely disappointed with the entire experience and will never go back.