I sent my children there for an all-day ski lesson and it was horrible. We took them out skiing ourselves the next day and it was apparent that they had learned absolutely nothing at ski school. They are both athletic and coordinated, though, so we easily taught them to ski ourselves.

During their all-day lesson with the Treehouse program, my husband observed our younger son (without making his presence known to our son or the instructor). Our son fell over and it took 20 minutes before someone answered his handwaving for assistance in getting back up. My husband was irate and wanted to pull our children from the program but I convinced him to let them remain in. A poor decision on my part!

In the afternoon, our younger son told the instructor that he needed to use the restroom. The staff delayed and delayed bringing him in to use the restroom (they are part of a group). By the time they took him, he couldn't wait any longer and peed his pants in the restroom as he was trying to remove his snow bib. He hasn't had a problem like this in over three years.

The staff couldn't call me on my cell phone to tell me to bring a change of clothes because they misfiled my card with my emergency contact card. (At check-in, I noticed that they had misspelled our last name. I informed them of this, but they must not have corrected it in their system.) When I arrived to pick up my children, the woman in charge there immediately started yelling at me with accusations that I had dropped off my children without completing an emergency card. As if!

I ignored her rude yelling and asked her if my child was okay. I saw him lying face down immobile on a bench by the locker. (Poor little guy was bored, embarrassed and pretending to sleep.) Maybe she wanted to prolong the drama to teach me a lesson about not completing their forms, because when I asked her if he was okay, she responded, "No. He had an accident." Not a nice thing to tell a parent returning to pick up their child from skiing!

Complete waste of money. And I love my children too much to ever make them spend all day with grumpy, rude people like this!