Wilderness was absolutely amazing! I went with my Husband and his Brother & His family, and my 3 children. My children loved it. They never wanted to leave. It's like a paradise. I recommend this water park for anyone who is looking for a fabulous water park. If i were to rate it I'd rate it to 5 stars. The location was okay, as in a 4 hour drive. But, what's better than family bonding?

We stayed for 2 nights. This was our 4th time we went here. This time we visited for my Son's birthday who was turning 12. Once we entered Wilderness Resort, We were so interested of the decorations. We went to the front desk and saw that there was no line, which we were so happy about. The man welcomed us to The Wilderness and just in 5 mintues we already got our keys to our room. Once we got to our room we all got comfy and changed to go swimming. The Bathrooms were quite small but it was okay. The Waterpark was HUGE! plenty of activites for everyone. There was this ride called the Hurricane and my family went on it. We were screaming our lungs out! It was absolutely Thrilling! The little kids went to do the smaller slides, the older kids went to the main attration (Slides my husband went with them) and we moms went to the spa which was relaxing. Never felt so comfortable. We got dinner outside of the resort, and did that the other nights.

We Absolutely recommend this resort. It's relaxing, fun, and wet. If you come here you are most likely going to get wet.