Do not stay here. This hotel is misleading, dishonest, and fraudulent.

One credit card was used to reserve and pay for 5 rooms for 9 guests. Each room supplied an additional credit card for a $1000 "incidentals" hold. We were led to believe no additional expenses would be assessed unless charges were made to the room. They confirmed multiple times that the "complimentary" WiFi and bottled water were indeed complimentary.
The following morning I was told there was an issue applying the $1000 incidental hold to my card, and that someone was coming to immediately remediate the issue. I suggested that they wait to come, or that I come to the front desk later as it was an incredibly inconvenient time. They repeatedly insisted upon immediate remediation without negotiation. I was forced to abruptly end the circular dispute.
The hotel was riddled with misleading practices. For example, the "Dolphin Encounter" was free to one person per room per stay. If you wanted to watch your child without participating, you were still assessed a "beach fee" for standing outside the water within viewing distance.

Shuttles for concierge-suggested events routinely ran such that we barely arrived in time for activities. Eventually we entirely missed an activity we had reserved while losing hours of vacation time. The concierge offered a half-hearted apology without offer for compensation.

I discovered multiple holds on my credit card: $750, $822.0, $850, and $1000, totaling $3427. I was assured by the manager that these holds would disappear. After repeated claims of ignorance, they admitted they had difficulty charging cards provided for other rooms in our party, so they applied all of the holds to my card without my knowledge or consent.

I requested my card removed from their system and all charges finalized immediately. They claimed this was only possible by overwriting my card with someone else's or checking me out. Someone else in our party provided their card. I was told my card was no longer in their system and that additional charges would be impossible, and provided a receipt for a $60.84 room service charge with zero remaining balance..
Two days later I, as well as another in our party discovered charges for $822.00. Repeated attempts to elucidate these expenses by phone yielded only runarounds and disconnections. We are currently disputing the charges through our credit card companies.

Upon review of the contract, we found we were to be assessed a $50/day "resort fee" for WiFi and bottled water, as well as a "mandatory gratuity" of $12/person per room for maid service. Using those values, we should have been charged $370, not $822.0. However, at the time I was quoted $60.84 and signed for that charge, with receipt, which has never appeared on my statement.
While they may present as cordial, it appears it is only a tactic to disarm you until you're back overseas where they can easily cease contact while applying fraudulent charges to your accounts. If you absolutely must stay at this hotel, estimate what your expenses will be based on their inflated resort prices, then double that as a theoretical fraud value.