Never again!!!!!! We are used to traveling in and out of the US and had the fortune to visit and stay in many hotels. Staying at the South Seas Island Resort was THE most unpleasant experience we ever had. First, the room we got was not at all what we expected. We were promised a three bedroom villa which turned out to be a poorly designed apartment. We decided to upgrade to another room for the symbolic amount of $800 a night. Once in the room, we were told that the room's floor did not have proper insulation and to please be quiet. We are a family of four children so that was not an easy task. By 9:30 pm the security guard knocked on the door and threatened us that if we don't keep it down, he will bring the police to "take care" of the noise. Maybe he planned to arrest the kids????? Not sure what was his intention. My ten year old daughter did not sleep all night terrified that the police will knock on the door. The next day we had the audacity of treating our kids for an ice cream. We have a seven year old boy with special needs. As he walked in the ice cream shop he was overwhelmed by the noise and he started screaming. As we struggled to quiet him down, the employee tending the store complained that my child was being too loud and that we need to quiet him down. It was one of the most hurtful moments we have ever experienced with our child. The fire alarm was activated at my brother's apartment at two am and no one was able to quiet it down. Fire department had to come and shut it off an hour later. Employees were rude and unhelpful. If you have kids, do yourself a favor and don't stay here!!! Sanibel Island offers much better customer service and accommodation ( Sundial beach resort is amazing)

Everything in the South Seas is far and you need a car to transport everywhere. You can wait for a trolly at a 100 degrees weather or pouring rain.