We have made several trips to Smugglers Notch with our son as he grew up (sometimes bringing one of his friends). Accommodations vary greatly depending on which unit you get - some are quite old, some are very far from the "center of activities" and while there are buses you have to wait - and usually end up driving and have to find parking. The camp is fun for parents and kids but not for a whole week. It's a lot of hiking for the kids - with lots of hills. Smuggs is well kept and staff is friendly but we were sucked into the timeshare deal and now they are anything but friendly. It's like any timeshare where they put a ball and chain on you and try to get people to visit - PAY for the extras like camp and ski packages that owners get but don't let you know that these "perks" come at a price. Nice place but - there's a lot of great places to enjoy and relax that are most likely less costly and have more to do for a week - go see the grand canyon!