The hotel was nice but the hidden costs were very misleading and aggravating. Nothing directly against Cabana Bay I am sure they are only following policy, but I wouldn\'t stay at any Universal Resorts again, after staying at both Disney and Universal in the last year I think its safe to say I can compare the two honestly. If I would have known what I know now I would have never booked a trip at Universal and no I was never informed about any the hidden costs I would need to pay out of pocket at the hotel, let alone third party owned businesses on the property. Disney\'s service, costs and accommodations blows Universal away anyday. Disneys front desk was always fully staffed, Cabana Bay had only a couple people working. Disney\'s staff was always friendly and smiling, Universal some people where great others not so friendly to guests. Also, the convenience of having a bracelet at Disney was awesome, No need to carry around tickets, room keys like at Universal. One would be better off staying on Disney grounds and doing the Universal parks by Taxi. Why would I make a statement like this, many reason: Disney offers free WiFi, Universal Resorts did not, At Disney meal plan cards were allowed to be used at the hotel restaurants and anywhere in the park. Universal many of their restaurants both in the hotels and at the parks are owed by third parties therefore the meal card does not work. So after a day at the park wanting a snack or a meal at the hotel, I had a food card that was worthless, I had to pay out of pocket, Disney was not like that at all. A lot of places at the Universal Parks, you must pay for everything out of pocket for third party owned establishments, so if its a third party owed establishment which there a many, your meal card does not work there. Disney included one cup per guest to have the entire stay of your trip, this cup was used for all the soft drinks you wanted both at the hotel and the Disney Parks, Universal offers nothing like this you have to buy a cup at the hotel which is $18.99 per person this only includes drinks at the hotel not at the parks those cups are purchased separately at the parks for the same high price. Cabana Bay offered a lazy river which was nice to have but anyone who has been on a lazy river knows tubes are used to float, tubes are not included you can purchase those for $6.00 a piece. Disney hotels offer items like you see at a grocery store so you can purchase those items to bring back to your room, Universal hotels did not. Disney offers online grocery shopping that can be delivered to your hotel, Universal does not allow this service. Am I saying our trip stunk, no not at all but if you compare the cost value with less hassles of both properties I would say Disney all the way, so do your homework before you book, I learned my lesson.