10 Most Versatile Travel Dresses for Stylish Moms

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A versatile travel dress can help you stay cool on vacation, while also looking completely put together (even though it took you all of five minutes to get ready). It’s also one of the best items in your wardrobe that can be dressed up, dressed down, and used for all seasons. Accessories add a bit of flare, while leggings and boots get you all set for winter.

And while we love a LBD (Little Black Dress for those of you who forgot), you no longer have to stick to black. There are loads of colors and patterns that can be your travel workhorse as you traipse across the globe with your kids. Check out our picks for the most versatile travel dresses for stylish moms.

Kosan Travel Dress

1. Kosan Go Travel Dress

The Kosan Go Travel Dress is all in! Not only is it wrinkle-free, odor blocking, moisture wicking, quick drying and UV protecting, but there are spots to hide your money, lip balm, and pockets for your phone and passport. You can also adjust the length of the dress, creating two styles of dress, so no one will ever know that you wore the same outfit twice (or more) while traveling. The dress is currently in pre-production in a crowdfunding campaign, but it’s expected to start being delivered in summer 2019.

Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ex Officio Wanderlux Convertible Skirt

Packing a dress that can be worn in multiple ways just means you can pack one less thing in your carry-on. Ex Officio has long been a household name for serious travelers. We love the Wanderlux Convertible skirt that can be worn with a tank top or T-shirt during the day and then converts to a dress for a night out on the town. It can also be worn as a swimsuit cover up in a pinch.

Courtesy of Athleta

3. Athleta Draped Crew Dress

Any dress that we can wear with sandals or sneakers means we just found something to wear that allows us to keep up with our kids. The sporty Athleta Draped Crew Dress billows at the top to draw the eye up and away from any leftover bulk you may be carrying from those babes around your midsection. Plus, as every mom knows, black can hide anything—juice stains, sticky fingers, and even marker. Add a colorful necklace, pashmina and a pair of cute sandals and you are all set to hit the town at night.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Prana Yarrow Dress

Some may call this a shirt, while others will call it a dress. We like to call it both. And why not, when we can get two outfits out of it? Wear the Prana Yarrow Dress with a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt for a casual look as you wander through the city, or on its own with a belt and booties to give yourself a few more defining curves. Throw some leggings underneath and riding boots and you’re all set for winter.

 Courtesy of ModCloth

5. ModCloth Knit Dress

Patterns are always fun and flirty with this ModCloth dress. If you really want to give this look a pop, add a belt to give your waist a little definition. You’ll be comfortable strolling hand in hand with your kids, while also turning heads as the other moms wonder how you rolled out of bed looking so good. The Spandex blend means you will get a little stretch in the material, perfect for all shapes and sizes traveling this year and next.

TravelSmith Hanky Hem Dress; Courtesy of TravelSmith

6. TravelSmith Heritage Crinkle Hanky Hem Dress

Asymmetrical lines always add a little class to any look. It’s easy to go from casual to elegant in this Hanky Hem Dress by simply adding a bit of jewelry and changing up your shoes (sandals, heels, even sneakers work). The crinkle fabric hides wrinkles, the wide straps hide bra lines and make it just a little bit harder for the baby to pull your top down for all to see what’s underneath.

Courtesy of Amazon

7. GRECERELLE Women’s Casual Loose Pocket Split Maxi Dress

Boho chic meets the T-shirt dress as pockets are added to this split maxi dress that comes in a number of colors. The Rayon/Spandex blend make it comfortable and easy to shake out wrinkles over night as you travel from city to city. Simple accessories, like a big bag, long necklaces and big bracelets add a bit of flair. You can knot the bottom of the dress to show a little more leg and add a new dimension to the outfit… or simply cover up that stain from the chocolate milk your kid just spilled all over you.

Courtesy of Amazon

8. Leota Womens A-Line Dress

When you need to look professional on the road, but have no time to iron once you get there, you grab a Leota dress. The forgiving Polyester/Spandex blend lets you throw on this A-Line dress and hit the ground running so you can get to the theater, dinner with the in-laws or your next school function right on time.

Courtesy of Artful Home

9. Artful Home Chill Travel Tunic

Hipster moms take heart—we can still show off a bit of our fashionista while we’re on the road without pulling out the steamer and iron every morning. Artful Home creates classic pieces for the fashion-forward traveler who wants to be comfortable while touring through Europe or hailing a cab in New York City with her tiny tots in tow. Pockets make it easy to snatch up that pacifier from the coffee table before you leave the house, as well as keep your phone handy to snap cute pics of the kids across the city.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

10. Maternal America Empire Waist Stretch Maternity Dress

We didn’t forget about you pregnant mamas out there who are headed out on your babymoon. As your baby bump grows, you can still look adorable in our favorite Maternal America dresses, including this Empire Waist Stretch maternity dress. It even looks cute with sneakers if your feet just aren’t up for sandals or wedges any more. We haven’t relegated you to the land of black fabrics either. Nope! Now is the time to show off that baby bump with bold patterns and vibrant jewel tones. Embrace your body and show it off as you cross the globe.

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