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Located in the historic Nye Beach district, Cafe Mundo is the quirkiest restaurant in Newport. Colorful banners, artwork, and even painted tabletops add to the atmosphere. But it's the food that is most memorable, especially the grilled fish tacos on homemade corn tortillas.

Younger kids will love the cheese and black bean quesadilla, while older kids can try to devour the massive angus burger. However, we recommend everyone zero in on the fish tacos, which are Cafe Mundo's specialty. They also have a variety of vegetarian items on the menu, if that's your style. The Cafe hosts live music most nights, so the place can get a bit crowded. If a noisy atmosphere is too much for your children, make sure you come for lunch or an early dinner. Ask to sit outside in their garden-like courtyard.
Newport, OR 541-265-8319
Kids will love eating a meal among the quirky mix of books and gifts that are spread throughout the restaurant. Parents will love the quality of the food, especially the clam chowder, which is proclaimed by locals as the best on the entire Oregon Coast. Try to get a table on the patio, which has views of the harbor.

It's okay if you have to wait, as it gives you more time to explore the labyrinth of shelves and display cases. Once seated, order the Angel Hair Onion Rings and a bowl of the famous clam chowder. Kids can order a burger or fish and chips. It's all homemade and delicious!
Newport, OR 877-433-9881
The culinary highlight of a family vacation to the Oregon coast is going to be fish, and lots of it. You'll have no problem finding multiple restaurants serving up ocean fare. The Chowder Bowl is one of the best. Located just 100 yards from Nye Beach, it's a great place to enjoy a meal after a day of beachcombing. The classic Cannon Ball Chowder is a thick and creamy chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl.

Other specialties include a smoked salmon Caesar wrap and grilled cod fish tacos. Kids might want to go for the fish and chips, but the popcorn shrimp basket might be more fun. The Chowder Bowl features a children's menu for the picky eaters.

The place is popular and can get crowded during the summer, so keep that in mind if stomachs are growling.
Newport, OR 541-574-7959
Considered by many locals to be the best restaurant in Newport, Local Ocean Seafoods offers several different dining experiences. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows give you a premium view of the bay. You can eat in the traditional sit-down restaurant on the second floor, or try the more casual market-style experience on the first floor.

Kids will love watching ships in the harbor, or they might enjoy watching the chefs prepare their food in the central open kitchen downstairs. This seafood is as fresh as it gets. Definitely try the Albacore Tuna Kabobs or their Pan Fried Oysters. Less adventurous kids can try the fish and chips or a burger.
Newport, OR 541-265-2979
You can't come to the Oregon Coast and not enjoy a steaming hot bowl of clam chowder. Mo's is the place to do just that in Newport. Located right on the beach, with an awesome ocean view, Mo's is a mainstay of the town. It's where the locals come to eat, which is always a good sign. The place is completely casual, the service friendly, and the meals hearty.

Seafood is the specialty, naturally, so try the clam chowder, steamed oysters, fish tacos, or fish and chips. It's all very tasty, filling, and inexpensive -- just what a family needs at some point on their vacation.
Newport, OR 541-574-8787
Serving authentic Irish food in a casual setting, Nana's is a fun and unique place to take the family. With genuine Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie, and Reuben sandwiches on the menu, your family meal can be an International experience.

Kids will love the Kilkee Fish and Chips or the Bangers & Mash. Parents will enjoy the selection of Irish beer and cocktails. The crowded, noisy atmosphere of the pub may not appeal to families with young children, but older kids will love the sights and sounds. In either case, we highly recommend sitting out on the patio if the weather is good.
Newport, OR 541-574-1599
Nye Beach Cafe is a popular restaurant, especially for breakfast, so it can get a bit crowded during peak hours. Their homemade bread is worth the wait, as are their generous breakfast omelets. The emphasis here is on fresh, homemade dishes that will appeal to anyone with specialized dietary needs. Included on the menu are gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian items.

The variety almost guarantees that picky young eaters will find something they will like, which is always a relief to parents. For lunch, try the Spicy Tuna Panini, served on freshly-baked Foccacia Bread, with a side of Clam Chowder. Kids will love the fish tacos.
Newport, OR 541-265-9065
This is a family-friendly diner specializing in pancakes and crepes. Lunch and dinner feature kid-friendly meal choices, including fish and chips, spaghetti, corn dogs, and peanut butter and jelly. Kids can order breakfast all day long. Located in the middle of Newport on Highway 101, it's easily reached from both the beach and bay.
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Located at the west end of the historic bayfront, Sharks Seafood features only steamed or poached dishes; nothing on the menu is fried or grilled. Its specialty is Cioppino, a generous stew of crab, shrimp, prawns, and local fish in a tomato wine sauce. The steamed clams and oysters are also superb.

Kids will love the funky nautical decor, with netting overhead and crabs crawling the walls. The children's menu is limited to a linguini bowl, so keep that in mind if your picky eaters are avoiding seafood.
Newport, OR 541-265-6263
To get your morning caffeine fix and to feel like a local, head to The Coffee House on the historic Newport bayfront. It serves one of the best breakfasts in town. The quirky, casual interior will appeal to kids, but the best show each morning is watching the many fishing vessels heading out to sea. This is a very family-friendly eatery, for both breakfast and lunch, and is an ideal spot to kick off a day along the bayfront. Their breakfast dishes range from pancakes to omelets, but the specialty here is their freshly made Cornish Pastie, which is a great meal for lunch or dinner. The biscuits and gravy are also highly recommended.

Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., while the lunch menu doesn't begin until noon.

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