A Waterslide Video Game Debuting in Las Vegas

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A first-of-its-kind waterslide is debuting at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas when the water park opens its newest flume ride this May. The Slideboard is being retrofitted into a 300-foot-long, enclosed flume to offer video game-style hand controllers and targets to turn the slide into an interactive video game experience.

The Slideboard is being added to the water park’s Zipp Zapp Zoom flume ride. Riders on Boogie Board-styled rafts will hold onto handles that also serve as controllers to the game. While riding the darkened flume, LED bulbs will flash colors that riders can click to match on their handles to collect points (red and yellow on the left, blue and green on the right). Riders will pass by 20 targets and the closer they get to the target, the more points they will receive. Penalties will be given to riders who slow down near the targets. The more times a rider goes down the flume, the more the difficulty increases with faster lights. Riders will also wear wristbands that keeps track of their nickname and scores, with the information displayed on a screen near the flume entrance, so friends and competitors can keep track of status.

The new Zipp Zapp Zoom will open in Las Vegas in May. Riders who do not want to participate in the game may still enjoy the flume ride.

–Lissa Poirot

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