Disney Taking Precautions Following Measles Outbreak

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As the number of confirmed cases of measles rises at Disneyland theme parks in Anaheim, California, Disney is taking precautions to prevent further spread of the disease.

At least 70 confirmed cases of measles occurred with guests who had visited Disneyland and its sister theme park Disney’s California Adventures between Dec. 15 and 20, 2014, including five employees of Disney. All diagnosed and treated for measles had not been vaccinated against the disease, and cases have been reported in three other states, as well as Mexico, following the outbreak.

To prevent further spread of the disease, Disney has put all unvaccinated employees on paid leave until their health status confirms they do not carry the virus, and is offering free vaccinations to its employees who have not been previously vaccinated for measles.

The State’s Department of Public Health is urging anyone who might have been exposed to measles to visit a doctor. The infection is spread via coughing and sneezing, and symptoms typically include fever, runny nose and a red rash that begins on the face and spreads to other areas of the body.

As of January 26, the number of confirmed cases has grown to 85 with measles confirmed in seven states. Disneyland has asked that any potential visitors who have not received measles vaccinations, including infants, do not visit the park until they have received the appropriate vaccines.

–Lissa Poirot

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