Kids Can Be Captain for a Day on Costa Cruises

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As the cruising world aims to become more family-friendly, Costa Cruises has added another fun amenity for children: the chance to be captain for a day.

The new program gives kids a glimpse into the nautical world with training, exploring the ship, understanding maps and flags, learning about weather, and more. The most basic program is Captain Trainee, or Aspirante Comandante, which includes full captain’s training, dinner at the captain’s table in the main dining room, photos and a uniform to wear all day. Comandante, or Captain, adds an autographed captain’s hat and larger images, while Comandante Superiore, or Senior Captain, allows children to keep their uniforms. The packages run between 50 and 125 euros for the first child and 30 to 60 euros for additional children from the same family.

The new programs will be available on Mediterranean cruises aboard the Fascinosa and Diadema ships. If Captain for a Day doesn’t entice your little ones, Costa Cruises also offers Princess for a Day programs.

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–Lissa Poirot

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