New Wooden-Iron Roller Coaster Opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Wooden roller coasters are iconic amusements of days gone past, but an amusement park in California is opening a new coaster that pays homage to its original roots. Six Flags Magic Mountain is opening the Twisted Colossus, a hybrid coaster that is made of both wood and iron.

The amusement park replaced its 36-year-old Colossus roller coaster, a beloved staple, and will open its hybrid replacement this spring. Twisted Colossus combines an iconic wooden structure with an iron track. The new coaster will feature a “Top Gun” Stall, where the coaster slows down and goes inverted, like in the Tom Cruise blockbuster “Top Gun.” Other fun features will be the first “High Five” in the Western Hemisphere, where two trains pass an over banked turn while facing each other; a Zero G Roll where the track twists 360 degrees with a 128-foot drop; and nearly 5,000 feet of track – the longest hybrid roller coaster in the world. (The ride lasts four minutes.)

Twisted Colossus will be the focal coaster of Six Flags’ newest themed area. Watch Six Flags’ simulated video to see what the ride’s twists and turns will be like:

–Lissa Poirot

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