Sherlock Holmes Theme Park? Yup!

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Sherlock Holmes is hot right now, especially with the BBC television series “Sherlock” and Robert Downey Junior series of movies entertaining fans. Even kids love the fictional detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Next comes a new Sherlock Holmes theme park, ready to thrill fans of all ages.

The new theme park is beginning it’s planning phases in Portsmouth, England, next month and is expected to cost $42 million to develop.

Portsmouth is already a popular stop for visitors to the southern English coast, and houses an exciting display of ships in its Historic Dockyard. Visitors can see The Mary Rose, a beloved ship of Henry the VIII, which was resurrected from the sea, and the HMS Victory, which was the ship captained by Lord Admiral Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar, where he was fatally wounded.

Details on what specifically will be featured in the new theme park have not been released, but we expect nothing less than a bit of mystery from it comes to Sherlock Holmes.

–Lissa Poirot

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