Texas Theme Park to Launch One-of-a-Kind Roller Coaster

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ZDT’s Amusement Park, located near San Antonio, will welcome a one-of-a-kind roller coaster in 2015.

Called Switchback, it will be the world’s only wooden shuttle coaster. Visitors will essentially be able to ride the entire course twice — upon completion of the ride, a track switch will take them back to the starting point.

The new ride is inspired by Coney Island’s Switchback Railway, the world’s first roller coaster. It debuted in 1884, and shifted riders back and forth on a straight wooden track at 6 mph.

ZDT’s Switchback, of course, will travel faster than that, but will accommodate mostly all ages with proper cushioning and restraints. According to a news release, the design “maximizes the size and age range for the ride, allowing young children, teenagers, and grandparents alike to enjoy themselves.”

ZDT’s Amusement Park is open year-round, with limited hours and attractions during the winter months.

–Amanda Geronikos

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