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The Best Period Underwear for Travel

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It happens to all of us: you plan a vacation weeks or months in advance, and as it gets closer, you realize that your period will arrive while you’re away. Instead of worrying about packing tampons or pads, and changing them during the day,  why not just pack a few pairs of period underwear? You won’t have to make sure you have extra pads or tampons with you during the day, and you’d already be packing underwear, so it’s just one less thing you have to think about while packing. Most brands have a discount when you buy multiple pairs, so you can have a set that will last you throughout the days you have your period.  

All period underwear comes with instructions on how to launder them, but most require rinsing after wearing them. When traveling, simply thoroughly rinse your underwear in the bathroom sink, and store it in a laundry bag until you get home. 

Here is the best period underwear to take on your next trip (and beyond). 

Thinx Period Underwear

Perhaps the most well-known period underwear out there, Thinx does not disappoint. Choose from twelve different styles, and five different absorbencies ranging from lightest to super. The super absorbency undies hold up to the equivalent of five tampons worth, making them perfect for a day of travel where you don’t have to worry about changing a pad or tampon. Try Thinx (BTWN) for your teen daughter, or Speax for bladder leaks. 

Rael Period Underwear

Rael Period Underwear

If you are looking for basic, reliable period underwear, Rael is for you. Rael period underwear is affordable and efficient but has fewer options than other brands. Available in just one color (black), and just one absorbency, they will get the job done without any fuss. Rael offers discounts when you buy more than one pair, and each pair comes with a reusable waterproof pouch, perfect for storing after use when traveling. 

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Knix Period Underwear

Knix is the closest you will find to real underwear, with nineteen different styles to choose from, and four absorbencies ranging from light to super! Styles include boyshorts, lacy underwear, and thongs, all in a variety of colors and patterns. Try one of their Period Kits, which packages different types of underwear together, like their Mixed Flow package, which includes five pairs of underwear from all different absorbency levels. Knix also has period-proof swimwear, which is perfect for a beach vacation or days by the pool. 

Ruby Period Underwear

Available in only one absorbancy, but in several colors and styles, Ruby period underwear is perfect for someone who wants some basic period underwear, but with some variety. Choose from bikini, hipster, brief, high waist, or their bliss seamless underwear, which comes in all three styles. Like Knix, Ruby has period swimwear, but with a much wider range of styles and colors. Choose from several one-piece styles, skin suits, bikinis, teen styles, or mix and match two-piece styles. 

Bambody Period Underwear

Bambody Period Underwear

Super comfortable and casual, Bambody is one of the cheapest period underwear out there. Choose from absorbent underwear for heavier flow days, or leakproof for lighter days. One pair is about $15, and packs of three cost just under $40, making them super affordable, and easy to buy as many as you need to see you through your period! 

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