Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive

Estrada Regional 120, Sitio do Campo de Baixo, Porto Santo Island, 9400-015

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The Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive is exactly what your family needs – a deluxe resort with everything onsite. Amenities include a kids’ club, swimming pool, fitness center, spa and onsite dining – including the option to order room service. The hotel is also located directly on the beach.

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  • All-inclusive rates
  • Beachfront access
  • Pool

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  • All Inclusive Rates
  • Beach
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by KasiaG1986

We went on our first holiday since 4 years.We choose to book with TUI(MASSIVE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!).As we went to the one of Tui's office in Totton(AVOID),we have been shown one of Tui (APPARENTLY 5*ALL INCLUSIVE PREMIUM -BEST HOTEL IN EUROPE),we've been shown a beautiful EDITED PICTURES -PROBABLY TAKEN 15-20 YERAS AGO WHEN THE HOTEL HAS BEEN OPEN(IN REALITY IT IS NOTHING LIKE WE'VE BEEN SHOWN -MASSIVE LIE).IT'S MORE OF 2* RATHER THAN 5*.!!!!Also i have asked the lady who been selling the holiday to us if there are any water sports available like jet ski ,atv,speed boat,diving,4x4 jeep etc.she told us that YES SURE ,THERES PLENTY OF WATER SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE AT THE RESORT ALSO AS OUTSIDE OF THE RESORT ---WHICH AGAIN IT TURND OUT TO BE A COMPLETE LIE!!!! (JUST TO PUSH AND SELL THE HOLIDAY--VERY UNPROFFESIONAL GIVING A FALSE INFORMATION AND FALSE PROMISES TO THE CUSTOMERS!!!One of the reasons that we have choose to book at Pestana Porto Santo was the water sports it self as we wanted to spend our holidays with activities rather than being locked in the room. So that's a massive let down by TUI.Also before going ahead and ,making reservation we did ask if there are any restaurants outside the resort any shops anything at all to spend our time out. Yet again we have been told that there are plenty of restaurants and places to go and enjoy outside the resort--YET AGAIN A MASSIVE FAT LIE!!!!If you leave the resort it makes you feel like you are left in the middle of nowhere!!!!Nowhere to go no place to dine, no place to go for a drink or dance and enjoy. No shops around. It's like a desert  with few little houses around. We did also ask if there will be any day trips to kill the time and do something nice we've been told again that yes we will be able to sort out the day trips with the TUI representatives once we got there, or there will be other activities available to book with the reception staff at the hotel. And unfortunately that turned out to be another lie of TUI!!!!(As for the reception staff yes they did send us on the bus city tour---couldn't be worst....we've been send on a bus 5 minutes away from the hotel to be left there for an hour without having anything to do just to get back on the bus an hour later and to be taken straight back to the hotel!!!)On the day one there was a meeting held by TUI  representative ALEX and SHANE, It was said at the meeting that they will be available to the guest to help and organise any day trips and all the activities (AND THAT WAS ANOTHER COMPLETE LIE)As we have seen them on day one of our holidays that we could not see them or find them for the rest of our stay!!!!!!We have looked for them everywhere around the resort but it seems like they have vanished!!!Nowhere to be seen!!!!They were supposed to be there to help us out with any sort of enquiries, day trips, activities!!!!!!Yet AGAIN THANKS TO TUI OUR STAY WAS RUINED AS WE WERE LEFT WITH FOUR WALLS IN OUR ROOM AS THERE WAS NOWHERE TO GO OR NOTHING TO DO!!!!!The day before we left i have seen one of the TUI representative ALEX,As we have approached her she didn't even bother to say hello good morning or anything at all. She was sitting down with the angry look at her face drinking her tea and kind of ignoring us(WHICH FEW MINUTES BEFORE US SHE WAS DEALING WITH THE ENGLISH CUSTOMER AND HER ATTITIUD WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ,SHE TALKING WITH THE SMILE ON HER FACE AND WILLING TO HELP--BUT AS FOR US IT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY)We got the feeling like we are disturbing her .I have asked if there was any day trips or activities available at all as an answer we got a massive rude NOOOO!!!! Not sure why but ALEX was being very rude to us , unhelpful and very very unprofessional, good customer service and a bit of manners would definitely help!!!!!!!I have kindly asked her again if there was anything at all that we could do(as we were dying of boredom)and there was a couple booking activities few minutes before us they were English(HMMM??),and her answer to us  was a RUDE NOOOOO WITH HER HANDS WAVING AT MY FACE AND HER FINGERS CLICKING AT MY FACE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!WHILST LOOKING AT ME AND LAUGHING SENDING ME OFF, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE MORE RUDE,UNPROFESSIONAL,UNHELPFULL,AND WITH SUCH BAD ATTITIUD AS ALEX!!!!!!SHOULD BE  KEPT AWAY FROM CUSTOMERS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE SOME LEFT AT ALL.When I asked why we could not see them through out our whole stay HER ANSWER WAS THAT THEY ARE HAVING DAYS OFF AS WELL AND IT IS THERE HOLIDAYS AS WELL (SOUNDED MORE OF WE ARE ALSO ON HOLIDAYS SO DONT BOTHERE US GOT NO TIME FOR YOUR B******IT GO AWAY) KIND OF ANSWERE!!!!!VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!Also before making reservation we have been told at TUI office that at Pestana hotel we will get 4 different cuisine restaurant available to us (ALL INCLUSIVE PACKET)When we arrived it turned out that we have only disgusting BUFFETE MARES available!!!!(what did we paid for????!!!!????)what happened to Pizzeria Luigi??? What happened to Madeira Lovers?????what happened to med cuisine???what happened to the themed restaurants that we have paid for but had no access to it as it was ALL CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!ANOTHER LIE OF TUI!!!!SO THEY CAN SELL THEIR HOLIDAYS!!!! So going back to the hotel it self,a big massive queue at the check in ,it took as about half an hour to check in if not longer than that.We have been given a double room on the ground floor with the little balcony looked like area.Room itself nothing special(you wont get a wow factor by walking in)A double bed,little sofa table and one chair. No window in the room only balcony doors which you cant keep them open because the view goes outside on the pool area and all the passer-by's would see you ---NO PRIVACY .Walls paper tin could easily hear our neighbours and hotel staff next doors as there office was next doors to our room--VERY NOISY.  As for the cleanliness of the room it could not be worst than that!!!!! I have stayed in a 5*hotel before and what we got at PESTAN Porto Santo was wayyyyyyyyyy far from a 5* hotel.First of all ANTS ANTS ANTS EWERYWHERE !!!!!! IN OUR LUGGAGE,CLOTHES.IN BED,FLOOR,FOOD,SILING,WALLS,FACE ,EVERYWHERE AND BUGS PL,ENTY OF BUGS IN THE ROOM !!!!!HORRIBLE BEING WOKEN UP AT NIGHT BY ANTS AND BUGS CROLLING ALL OVER YOU AND YOUR FACE!!!!!!DISGUSTING UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!Makes me sick when i think of it. Covered in bugs bites all over the body!!!!!!!!Sick!!!!!!!!Plenty of dust all over the room.It was clear that we have been checked in to the room that haven't been cleaned after previous stay or that is the way of cleaning at the Pestana hotel(LOADS TO IMPROVE).Mini bar very poor ,tap water in a plastic bottle as a welcoming refreshment from the hotel !?!?!?!?!? A TAP WATER????if you need more water you can reused the first bottle that hotel has given to you go to the bar side and refill it for free(what a lovely thing out of a 5*hotel---ALL INCLUSIVE).No fresh towels for days until you ran to reception and beg for them.Left DO NOT DISTURB SIGN at the doors need it some privacy  and yet again you have houskeeping coming in to the room doing what they want to do!!!!Room very hot (as theres no windows) ,air con on the wall but not working not in use and no remote controller for that as well!!!! Boiling hot!!!!!Curtains full of stains(disgusting dirty dark stains ---god knows how long that has been there, burns on the curtains ---makes you feel like you are staying at the hostel not a 5*hotel!!!Very disappointing .Dirt and dirt everywhere. Room covered with spider webs.Just horrible dirty room,not what you expect from a 5* hotel.Beds were cheap and uncomfortable. Moving on to the restaurant (only one that was available --Buffet Mares)---FOOD WAS DISGUSTING!!!!!Im very easy to fed but what i have experience at Pestana hotel was below my imagination.Choice of food very poor.Nothings fresh,food is served freezing cold.If fish from lunch on monady was left than definitly you will have it back on your plate ‪on Tuesday evening‬ ,that's how it works.Disgusting!!!!On a wednsday they served a chicken that WAS OFF!!!!!!IT DID STINK AND TASTE LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A NIGHTMERE (made mi sick for a couple pf days.)Thanks God for a bread and butter and some chips.Not being funny but we were lrft starving for the whole week !!!!!!!! Thats not something you would like to go through on your holidays.Going to sleep and waking up HUNGRY!!!!!Bread old not baked properly,hard as stone.Foods need more covers as you have flies and birds sitting on it also ants walking on top of the food.desserts and fruits.Yuckkk!!! A toastie from a snack bar was life saving option (eatable if you are starving).So if you want to loose some weight  or starve that would be a perfect place for you.As for the drinks display by the beach dont get to excited cos theres never drinks available, empty barrel!!!! And a note from the staff that they are at the beach..!!!! Hmmmm?!...yes very nice so make sure you have your bottle of tap water with you before hiding to the beach otherwise you will be left thirsty as there's no bar no place to grab a drink or a drinking water.Once you enter to the beach you will have hotel staff running after you and charging you for the beach con (umbrella :)  ) YES THEY CHARGING YOU FOR USING THE BEACH AS WELL at the all inclusive hotel about 50 euros!!!!Never have i seen anything like it before. So that welcoming at the beach will kind of put you off.Beach it self was beautiful with some lovely wievs.Its a 9km sand beach.It can take your breath away.As for the swimming pool AVOID AVOID AVOID water is very cold!!!!freezing.The swimming pool is full of dirt and rubbish.Sides of the pool are falling apart which is a hazard to the guest.Bit of a danger for the kids.Needs a lot of cleaning!!!!!!Area around the swimming pool was messy as well with loads of rubbish on the floor ,empty dirty cups and tissues.On top of it on our balcony area loads of S**IT (YEAH POOP ) just right in front of our doors .Not an pleasent view and a smell just right next to yur table and doors to your room.Cant even walk cos might step in it!!!!!!!!Disgusting and unacceptable..Yet again DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY all over the resort!!!!! The only evening entertainment you will get from a SUNSET BAR thats open from 8pm-midnight.The bar is more of a kinder garden or it seemd like a kids playgroup at the nursery.Bar is full of running kids,dj plays kids songs all night long so YEH YET AGAIN DISSAPOINTING.Also be careful when buying your drink as the BAR STAFF LIKES TO ADD SOME EXTRA DRINKS YOU NEVER HAD TO YOUR BILL!!!!!THATS JUST VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UGLY THING TO DO!!!!WHEN MENTION ABOUT IT TI THE HOTEL MANAGER SHE TRIED TO MAKE AN EXCUSE TO IT SAYING THAT BILL HAS BEEN DUPLICATED WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE COS EVERY BILL HAS A DIFFERENT TIME ON KIT AND ITS OWN SERILA NUMBER!!!!ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY IS THE FACT THAT YOUR MONEY BEING STOLEN BY UNHONEST STAFF.MANAGER TOLD US THAT SHE WILL HAVE A LOOK INTO IT AND THAT SHE WILL GET BACK TO US THE NEXT DAY.WE HAVE NEVER HEARD FROM UNTIL THIS DAY!!!HOW UNPROFESSI0ONAL AND IGNORANT.EVEN AT THE CHECK OUT TIME WE HAVE ASKED THE RECEPTION STAFF FOR THE MENAGER WE HAVE BENN TOLD THATS SHES NOT AT THE OFFICE YET AND THAT SHE WILL ARRTIVE IN HALF AN HOUR TIME SO WE WONT BE ABLE TO SEE HER AS OUR BUS WAS READY TO LEAVE, AND AS I TURNED AROUND TO LEAVE I HAVE SAW THE MANGER HIDING AT THE RECEOTION WHENM SHE SAW ME SHE JUST PUT HER HEAD DOWN AND START TALKING TO SOMEONE.HMMMM...NOT MUCH CAN BE SAID ABOUT IT. Few additional bits spa really over priced even in London itself you wont get charged that much.Adults swimming pool not really an adult swimming pool , you have loads of kids running and jumping around the pool so definitely you wont get piece of mind in there. Drinks selection very poor. Soft drinks pepsi,tap water, lemonade.Alcohol coral beer(if you are lucky if the barrel is full),mochito,red and white wine and two more cocktails which which are way to sweet to drink. Over all VERY POOR!!!Hot drinks yet again if the machine is full might get some tea and coffee which is a very cheap quality. Entertainment team yet again kids fun only. Boring keeps repeating same things each day. Nothing interesting. Very loud. 
Overall very bad stay.Not recommend it!!!!!!Stay away!!!!

Once, twice, three times "the best time of my life"

by Mário R

Excellence without limits
This was the third consecutive year of vacation at Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive Beach Resort and SPA. Year after year, the experience has been as rewarding as possible. Beginning with the booking process, the service at the hotel reception, the level of accommodation and infrastructures and the effort made by all the hard working staff to give guests the best experience possible, there is no need to do an exhaustive comment, because, for the third time it was all perfect. Please report to the entire team of Pestana Porto Santo, our many thanks for another great value holiday. Time to start thinking about next year. Many thanks to all the team who worked hard to make it "The Best Time of My Life".