Crumb & Coaster


Crumb & Coaster

Jl. Benesari no. 2E | 10m Opposite Grand Barong Hotel, Kuta

Crumb and Coaster is a funky, modern restaurant which highly values wholesome healthy food. However, unlike most other health fad restaurants, it also highly values sugary, fatty and salty food just as much. The ethos of the menu is that guests enjoy their food and therefore life by pairing tasty nutrient-rich dishes with the occasional sugar-fest. The food is fresh and many dishes are presented in a fun, artistic way.

Brunch is a huge deal at Crumb and Coaster, and there are options to suit the whole family. The Big Surfer Breakfast is a hearty, yet healthy meal we love. For lunch, there are pulled pork subs with spicy aioli, double bacon and double corn fritters, crabby patties with Asian sesame mayo and jicama pickle. For dinner, there is Singaporean laksa, Balinese tuna and other hot dishes.

There are frozen smoothies on the menu, along with artisan coffee and cocktails for the adults.


7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily