Duluth Grill


Duluth Grill

118 S. 27th Ave W, Duluth, 55806, MN

When it comes to farm-to-table dining, this restaurant goes above and beyond for local sourcing, using regional farms but also growing vegetables and herbs in planters throughout its Lincoln Park parking lot–and even on the roof. The owners have published two cookbooks inspired by their menu with impressive attention to various dietary issues, from gluten-free to vegan.

Some favorite meals include caramel apple French toast, a wild rice burger melt, curried polenta lettuce wraps, whitefish sandwiches, ratatouille, Asian steak and wild rice bowls, and tender roast bison. Desserts include banana cream pie and a “When Pigs Fly” bacon sundae.

The kids’ menu includes several pastas and scrambled breakfast skillets. If there’s a wait, it’s a good chance to check out what’s growing around the parking lot.