Georgetown Cupcake


Georgetown Cupcake

3301 M Street NW, Washington, 20007, DC

Be prepared to wait in line to enter into the popular Georgetown Cupcake, which was the subject of The Learning Channel’s “DC Cupcakes.” Are the cupcakes and treats inside worth the wait? You be the judge! Single cupcakes and assortments are available, with classic flavors like chocolate ganache, vanilla and red velvet. However, it is the shop’s special flavors that really take the cake, including key lime, peanut butter fudge, toffee crunch. salted caramel and chocolate mint fudge. Vegan cupcake flavors are offered daily, such as apple cinnamon and carrot. Seasonal flavors include Election Day Red Velvet Donkeys and Elephants, pumping spice, gingerbread, chocolate egg nog and Passover macaroon.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Being adventurous pays off

by SaudahAJ

We had a box of cupcakes to go. The line was really long, which I was told is standard by the lady in front. Service was decent. The cherry cupcake was divine, the other more…
Great products, frustrating lack of "customer service" for internet orders

by PacoCM

Georgetown cupcakes, a hometown product to be truly proud of given their delicious confections, leaves a lot to be desired when attempting to share them with people not near the stores. Although...