Serendipity Restaurant


Serendipity Restaurant

Wigley Avenue, Basseterre

Offering fantastic views from its verandah in a happy yellow and blue building, Serendipity blends Caribbean and European flavors in its lunch and dinner menus, such as Cajun-dusted goat cheese and asparagus salad, tender duck breast in a Grand Marnier orange liqueur sauce with dried apple stuffing, and Thai Green Curry. Lunch is available Tuesday through Fridays, dinners Tuesdays through Sundays, closed on Mondays.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Serendipity- A Star 🌟 on the Island of St. Kitts

by Scott C

Our host, Pauline Horton was gracious and delightful; she owns Serendipity along with her husband Alexander James. This amazing restaurant is located in the Fortlands near downtown Basseterre. The...
A fortunate stroke of serendipity

by BuckeyeNana

We finally made it to Serendipity after many recommendations. It is a lovely restaurant and overlooks the harbor. The night we were there they had the plastic curtain down so we couldn’t really see...